It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


My name is Founntain and I love to programm and code and try to make my life even more lazy. Anyways programming is not only my full time job, it is also my hobby. Learning new languages, getting better in them, experimenting and also doing dumb stuff. Well lets say it so, I learn new stuff by doing weird stuff that are completly pointless.

Anyhow I made two projects that are a bit more known and mostly the projects I spend the most time with. There is the osu!player and osu!player plus (latest) which is a music player for the game osu!, also I'm developing an API for the player. For the user, party and theming system. The second one is Defectris, a Tetris like game where you need to keep your music alive by playing faster and faster over time.

You can find more out about my projects below, maybe they are interessting for you.


osu!player or better know as osu!player plus is a music player app for Windows desktops. osu!player makes it possible to listen to songs from osu! without starting the game itself. The player is easy to install. Downloading the archive, placing it in a cozy place, starting it, selecting osu! folder and let the magic happen. osu!player plus has many features, including playlists, Discord integration, listen songs together with others in a party, theming support, localization, hotkey support and much more.

Yes you heard right, you are able to listen songs together with others. Thanks to the osu!player API that makes all of this possible. You simply create a party, invite people via Discord or make the party public so others can join the party. (You can of course make the party private again) Then the Host can choose songs for the party to listen. Not forget to mention that all party members need the song, otherwise it won't play for them.

If this sounds great to you, you can download the osu!player by clicking the download button below. You have questions, found a bug or just want to send me feedback?

You can do that by joining the osu!player Discord or send me it via mail.


Defectris is a Tetris-like game. Defectris has a health system. What does that mean, you may ask. It's quite simple, really. If you don't play you lose HP and that pitches the music down, the lower your health the lower the pitch of the music. If you play your HP increases and the pitch of the song goes up. (Don't worry there is a limit for that).

While you clear lines you will raise your level and the higher your level is, the faster your HP will drain. Basically it means, you need to play faster and later a lot faster.

Defectris supports two modes for now. The Defectris mode which is the default mode described above and then there is Endless mode, well you probably guessed it. It's endless. No HP no need to play faster, just playing for fun.

Keep in mind that this game contains bugs and I don't know when I have the time to update the game. But I'll be happy if you send me all bugs you find via mail. You can find the mail below and the download as well.

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